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Wellbeing of women's Menopause

Women make up nearly half of the UK workforce, but many feel forced to reduce their hours at work, pass up promotions and even quit their jobs due to lack of menopause support

As you may know, last year we at Glen Group have signed up to the Menopause Workplace Pledge.

We asked our employees, led by the Wellbeing Ambassadors to get involved and help us write a Menopause Policy  and you can read the policy here:

We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive working environment for everyone who works at Glen Group.

Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life, and it isn’t always an easy transition. With the right support, it can be much better. Whilst every woman does not suffer with symptoms, supporting those who do will improve their experience at work. 

Menopause should not be taboo or ‘hidden’. We want everyone to understand what menopause is, and to be able to talk about it openly, without embarrassment. 

This is not just an issue for women, men should be aware too.

Our policy aims to: 

  • Foster an environment where you can openly and comfortably have a conversation about menopause and ask for support or reasonable adjustments so you can fulfil your role.

  • Ensure everyone understands what menopause is.

  • Educate our managers about the symptoms  and how they can support you at work. 

  • Ensure that women suffering with menopause symptoms feel confident to discuss it and ask for support and any reasonable adjustments so they can continue to be successful in their roles or studies. 


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