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We recognise that we have a duty of care to protect our environment and as such we have taken steps to ensure that so far as is possible, we operate in an environmentally friendly manner, aligned with our Environmental Policy, ISO 14001 and Carbon Neural accreditations.


For this reason, we utilise Low Emission Hybrid vehicles and ensure that our managers are not required to travel vast geographical distances which all helps to reduce our carbon footprint.


We work closely with our supply chain and have adopted an environmentally friendly, industry specific, cleaning system that uses soluble pre-dosed sachets which are easily stored and used. The system is a simple, colour coded, low cost, low volume solution that is scaleable to any size client or portfolio, without the use of cumbersome and expensive dosing systems.

The packaging is all made from recycled paper which has allowed us to significant reduce the amount of plastic typically associated with transporting materials. To that end, the products are so compact that we send them in the post as opposed to travelling distance to make deliveries. Again this has further added to our environmental focus. Our system has been recognised Internationally by:

- EcoFlower

- EcoLabel Standards

- Vegan Society UK

- Cruelty Free International

In addition, for the last two years, Glen Group supported a solar power project in India, as well as UK tree planting and helping to protect the Brazilian Amazon.


Glen Group is intent on achieving a culture where sustainability is commonplace, developing a progressive sustainable strategy and making a positive contribution to the long-term physical, social and economic fabric of the communities to which we serve. We will continue to seek to conserve energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and recycle equipment wherever possible.

Carbon Footprint 2019
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