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Specialist Deep Cleans

Certain areas of your business such as the kitchen or washroom will periodically need greater attention than our day to day cleaning. Our specialist deep clean service is perfect in such circumstances and can be carried out at intervals entirely to suit you.

Deep cleaning in a kitchen space pays particular attention to degreasing, descaling and decarbonising kitchen equipment which can dramatically extend the life of appliances. We also identify and advise of any areas of potential weakness, damage or infestation, preventing more significant problems later on. The deep clean pays special attention to ducts and fans, reducing the hazards of fire and improving air flow.

Deep cleaning in a washroom can maximise the usefulness of units and fittings by de-scaling and reducing the build-up of deposits, as well as maintaining essential standards of hygiene and early identification of leaks or defects.

Chef's Kitchen

Computer Cleaning

As the working order of computers is essential to all who use them, it is imperative that a businesses’ equipment runs smoothly. Dust and dirt can clog cooling systems and lead to problems of overheating. Proper cleaning and care of computers ensures their long term efficiency, helping to keep all components in proper working order. Furthermore, due to their high usage, computers can become breeding grounds for germs and related contamination, making them potential problem areas in terms of staff hygiene.


At Glen Group, our cleaning teams are specially trained to deal with computers carefully and efficiently. We use non-toxic and non-staining detergents, which are also biodegradable, to treat your computer equipment and any associated accessories (printers, faxes, copiers etc.). By taking advantage of this service you can extend the useful life of all your equipment, and maintain a safe and hygienic premises space.

Barrier Control Matting

At Glen Group we believe in keeping up to date on the latest products and services available and providing added value to our clients through advice and recommendations. One product that we favour is the barrier control mat. This is an ideal remedy for areas of floor space that come under particularly heavy use. Barrier control mats are hard wearing solutions for both permanent and temporary mats in entrance areas for commercial spaces.


Backed with Nitrile rubber, these nylon woven mats are easy to clean and safe to use as their rubber edging minimises tripping hazards. Because they effectively trap dirt, they have the further advantage of masking dirt and moisture, making entrance ways attractive and protected. They also reduce the carry-through of dirt into your premises. Glen Group can supply these mats to your portfolio, with either a bespoke design or in a range of colours and sizes, and thereafter maintain their upkeep.

Image of a mat
Modern Bathroom

Feminine Hygiene & Vending

Under ‘duty of care’ standards, the provision of suitable feminine hygiene disposal is a legal requirement of all businesses and as such is an essential aspect of any cleaning service. We can provide practical and environmentally friendly disposal of any waste, with a range of discrete and highly functional disposal units suitable for any business large or small, which we will regularly empty and sanitise.

Furthermore, we can offer a wide range of washroom services including vending, baby changing services, hand dryers, hand care, dispensing, water control and much more.

Grounds Maintenance

Along with management of interior spaces, the environment in which your business sits is also important to how your business is perceived by visitors, users, clients and employees. Whether you have extensive grounds or just a few flower beds by your front entrance, keeping this space well-tended and tidy will significantly add to the attractiveness of your company. Glen Group offer maintenance plans tailored to your particular needs whether you are located in vast grounds or simply benefit from some cleverly placed pots and flower displays.

We can provide extensive landscaping or simple grass-cutting – whatever is required to give long term care of your exterior spaces.

We always take a responsible approach with full consideration of health and safety procedures, as well as the environmental impact of our services.

Pest Control

Pest Control

At Glen Group our provision includes a full service of pest control. The consequences of any pest invasion can be devastating, and can damage the entire scope of your business, causing harm to your reputation and services, as well as the upset of your staff.

Our service consists of an initial identification of the problem followed by advice and evaluation on eradication and health and safety of employees and visitors. We deal with all types of infestation, from insects to rodents.

Our specially trained teams can also carry out risk assessments to help you protect against any potential pests -for example by something as simple as fitting screens and tweaking the general cleanliness of so called “hot spot” areas of your premises where infestation is most likely to occur.

PAT Testing

Our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing) services ensure that you meet the requirements of current UK Health and Safety legislation. Our fully trained engineers ensure that you receive a fast, reliable and professional PAT testing service, causing minimal disruption to your company.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require electrical appliances to be maintained to prevent potential fire risks, and PAT testing is a key part of appliance maintenance. PAT testing certificates may be necessary to insure your business if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Following a PAT test we will provide you with:

  • A detailed appliance register including result and location

  • Display certificate

  • Pass/Fail label applied to each appliance

  • Failed register


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