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Commercial Window & Solar Panel Cleaning by a Professional Cleaning Team

Scheduled, audited and managed window cleaning is an essential step to maintaining a welcoming business space. Whether you have a handful of ground floor windows, or an atrium with floor to ceiling windows; we can offer you a comprehensive service of cleaning and maintenance to improve office atmosphere & health.


We can also clean your business’s solar panels. Our specialist and experienced staff provide a high quality service whatever the size of your building, and are fully trained in the latest health and safety regulations.

Window Cleaner
Modern Office Building

Benefits of Clean Windows

Here are key benefits of having clean windows (besides the added sparkle):

  • Increased light improves office atmosphere and staff morale (and air quality)

  • Clean windows showcase your products and services better than murky ones

  • Clean windows send the right signal to clients and customers

  • Clean windows also conserve heat better, reducing energy costs

  • Cleaning glass and windows makes them last longer, reducing risk of hairline cracks

Safe & Non-Disruptive Window Cleaning Methods

We use a variety of safe cleaning methods designed to match your windows and building; whether it’s large or small, historic or new. Here’s what we offer:

  • Traditional window cleaning methods for low-level buildings

  • Reach & wash pole system using purified water for efficient cleaning on higher windows that doesn’t damage or disrupt

  • High access cleans carried out on tall buildings, with safety harnesses, abseiling and appropriate PPE

  • Specialist hydraulic platforms like cherry-pickers or cranes used for hard to reach windows/solar panels

  • A range of cleaning products and glass cleaning detergents: from eco-friendly products to dirt-repellent products- we have just the one for you

We will advise what cleaning method is best for you and, if necessary, we will use a combination of techniques across your site. No window cleaning job is too complex for our team; we can specify a cleaning project of any size.

Window Cleaners
Glass Building

Window Cleaning Health & Safety

Our window cleaning methods are safe and carried out by a team of dedicated cleaning professionals to high industry standards. We make sure that the appropriate risk assessments and health & safety procedures are in place to ensure a safe and efficient clean.


We take our staff training and safety seriously and aim to clean your windows with minimum disruption to your business, leaving no unsightly puddles or streaks.


Need to discuss getting your windows cleaned? Get a free quote by contacting us today.

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