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Professional daily office cleaning services

Daily cleaning is vital to maintaining an attractive, hygienic and professional workspace, which is beneficial for you, your clients, and your employees. A clean office not only creates a great first impression, but also helps to increase productivity and can reduce employee sickness levels and absenteeism.


We pride ourselves on our comprehensive daily cleaning services, uniquely tailored to your business needs and we are confident that Glen Group can help create the working environment you require.

Office Furniture

Our cleaning teams are dedicated professionals who approach their tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism. We understand the importance of getting every little detail right to create that all-important overall impression; from maintaining carpets and wiping down workstations, to sanitising kitchens and washrooms.​

Whatever you require from your cleaning services- we can provide a bespoke, cleaning solution to suit the size and nature of your business.

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Why have a daily clean?

Having your office cleaned daily will improve hygiene levels, staff health and morale. It can also help to reduce sickness levels and absenteeism by creating a cleaner working environment where the spread of unfriendly bacteria is reduced. It will also ensure the longevity of your building fabric, facilities and equipment.

A dirty workplace environment can have a huge effect on the productivity of your business. A cluttered and dirty office not only creates distractions, but can also cause illnesses to spread. A clean office is great for your employees’ welfare, and means that you are taking care of staff as well as the office space around them. Cleaner facilities last longer.

Our Daily Cleaning Standards & Products

We are passionate about what we do, and for us, the customer experience is of paramount importance. That is why we invest heavily in supporting our operational teams, making certain that our colleagues have the training and support they need to operate effectively and to deliver the level of customer service our clients expect.


To this end, we also make sure that the equipment and materials our staff use are of the right quality to deliver exceptional results. We work with industry leaders in our supply chain to facilitate high standards which in-turn leads to satisfied clients and long-term relationships. Testament to this is the length of some of our major accounts which in some cases exceeds 20 years of service.

Furthermore, our commitment is to give you the best cleaning service we can by making sure our cleaning and management teams work together as a single unit; always giving you excellent and value-driven service. By working together this closely, we pride ourselves on being more reliable, professional, friendly and helpful.

We work closely with our supply chain and have adopted an environmentally friendly, industry specific, cleaning system that uses soluble pre-dosed sachets which are easily stored and used. The system is a simple, colour coded, low cost, low volume solution that is scaleable to any size client or portfolio, without the use of cumbersome and expensive dosing systems.

The packaging is all made from recycled paper which has allowed us to significant reduce the amount of plastic typically associated with transporting materials. To that end, the products are so compact that we send them in the post as opposed to travelling distance to make deliveries. This has been able to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, our commitment is to give you the best cleaning service we can be facilitating a proactive management support function. Our managers are encouraged to take ownership and have the training and support to deliver resilient, consistent standards.

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Cleaning Trolley

Bespoke Daily Cleaning Quote

Tailored office cleaning quotations to help you manage your business’s cleaning budget.

We can tailor our quotation to suit your own individual requirements, providing great value for money. Choosing from our vast range of daily services guarantees your premises will maintain a hygienic, professional and attractive appearance at all times.

Need to discuss the cleaning at your office? Get a free quote by contacting us today.

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