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Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning, often referred to as "post-construction cleaning" or "builders cleaning," is a specialised service aimed at preparing a construction site for occupancy or further development after construction or renovation work has been completed. This type of cleaning is distinct from regular or routine cleaning services and involves addressing the specific challenges and debris associated with construction projects. Glen Group offer this service across the UK.

Cleaning Vehicle

Specialisation across diverse sectors

Glen Group takes pride in being sector specialists across a wide range of industries.

  • Military of Justice

  • Department for Education

  • Data Centres

  • Film and Recording Studios

  • Warehouses

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Conservation & Refurbishment

  • Residential

  • Arts & Culture

  • Fit-out

  • Hotels & Leisure

  • Public Sector

  • Transport

Cleaning Building Windows

Our Construction Clean Service

Builders Clean (Internal)

Debris/Dust Removal

We initially start with debris and dust contamination cleaning. This will involve removal of minor debris created during the construction process to waste bins provided by our clients. The extent of the clean during this stage of the works is dependent on the client’s scope of works and nature and trade activity on the project. We are of course happy to assist with production of the client’s cleaning scope; pre-tender stage. This gives our clients a robust scoping document to ensure all bids capture the bespoke cleaning stages and works required for each project, thus allowing each of our clients to receive compliant all-inclusive bids.

Internal High Level Surface Cleaning

We commence high level dust cleans to services, containment areas, plant rooms and risers, working down to the floor zones. This will include cleans to the cores and remaining spaces within the building, subject to the client’s required sequence and programme.


De-taping of the façade in relation to windows, glazing and cladding will be completed at the latter part of this cleaning stage, bringing the ‘Builders Clean’ element of works down to floor/roof level. All plant required to reach a maximum of 3m will be provided by us as part of this clean (*subject to floor loading restrictions & access).

Low level Cleans

Flooring protection is removed, and the perimeter and floor surfaces are hoovered and cleaned thoroughly. We mop or hoover floor finishes and use scrubber dryers/buffers for finished brushed/polished concrete floors and raised access metal pan flooring. All wet areas, cores, and circulation areas, together with each room will be thoroughly cleaned at this stage . This will provide an environment that allows our clients to move to their ‘’snagging stage’ of the construction process.

Floor Mopping

Re Cleans

The ‘builders clean’ process is repeated at this stage. We would normally expect a lesser requirement for operatives and equipment at this juncture of the construction process, depending on the timings of client contractor snagging/defect rectification activities. It is likely that unless services remain exposed as part of the design, we have a simple re-clean to re-present the areas to a clean and well-presented condition to allow client’s final inspections to take place. Following this stage, the client usually offers all areas to their customer, client, or end user. In most cases, they will identify further minor defects, that will need to be rectified. Once these are completed, a further ‘re-clean’ maybe required, or if deemed acceptable, the areas will move to ‘sparkle clean’ stage.

Sparkle Clean

The sparkle clean stage is completed prior to handover of individual areas. This will involve a brief visit to wipe down all surfaces, hoover, mop and polish, prior to handover and occupation. We would recommend that one sparkle clean is required if this clean is completed at the correct time within the programme.

Maintenance Clean/Pre-Occupational Clean

These can be provided if the stage handover of the building results in stock units and/or areas that have been held awaiting handover for long periods of time. This applies to projects where substantial project delays have occurred, projects/phase placed on hold, or just that the size and mass of each phase of the development results in areas standing for long durations. These normally involve a lesser ‘sparkle clean’ as described above.

Commercial Power Wash

External Works

Window/Façade /Roof Cleaning

With our specialist cleaning teams, we can provide stage external cleans to meet the client’s requirements. These can be completed in several ways depending on the project constraints, construction programme and site logistics:

  1. Firstly, a ‘pre-scaffold strike clean’, using scaffolding/mast climbers provided by the client. This is the most cost-effective option and preferred method for best results.

  2. Another option is to utilise clients BMU system if this is tested and commissioned to facilitate access for full area cleans.

  3. Alternatively, cleans can be completed with our specialist team of ‘rope access operatives’ (abseil), provided means of rope access anchorage are designed, installed and tested ahead of the cleans taking place.

  4. Reach and wash can be used, but this does not provide a detailed clean and would only be recommended for a re-clean following one of three of the above and is restricted, as this can only reach to three storeys in height.

It is therefore critical that safe means of access is considered and designed in at the design stage of the project, providing a clear ‘maintenance strategy’,  to allow for robust cleaning of the roof and fabric of the building to be completed during the build process and post construction/handover stage.


A combination of MEWPS and/or lorry mounted access can also be used to help facilitate the required cleans if external façade and roof access has been removed early in the construction cycle. At the very later stage of the development, we can use reach and wash as described in 4 above.

External Hardstanding’s
We provide industrial steam and jet wash plant along, supported with road sweepers, to allow all external hard landscaping and roads to be cleaned. The option of combining our grounds maintenance specialist division also provides our clients with a means to combine the hard and soft landscaping maintenance to them and/or the Facility Managing Agents; whoever will be managing the maintenance post completion.

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Construction of New Modular House

Why have a construction clean?

Construction cleaning is a specialised service that requires knowledge of construction materials, cleaning techniques, and attention to detail. It plays a crucial role in presenting a newly constructed or renovated space in its best condition for the client or occupants.

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