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Thanks From Us

Paul Fowler, Regional Manager

Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset

“Times of a late are pretty intense in the cleaning industry and I would like to share how incredibly proud I am of my team and how they have worked together to deliver for our clients. Everyone has stepped up to the mark during this horrid Covid outbreak and your resilience is much appreciated. I would like to thank you all for your continued support, you do a great job out there.”

Phil Howells, Regional Manager

Police & Justice and Wales

“To me, Thank Your Cleaner Day, should be every day!

Cleaning is a people business and although technology has a major role in the industry going forward, I always think, that by just saying thanks every day we are recognising you and it encourages other people to stop and think about the true value cleaning services provide”

Andy Burge, Regional Manager

West Country and the Midlands

"I am delighted we are celebrating Thank Your Cleaner Day, we have so many Local Heroes at Glen, who do a great job for our clients and sometimes they are taken for granted. I am proud that Glen is sharing on Social media #thankyourcleanerday to help raise awareness of the important work Glen and all cleaners provide and encourage others to express their gratitude and celebrate with us.”


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