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July Local Heroes

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values!

Bow Masters, Winford Church Of England Primary School in Bristol.

Thank you Bow we appreciate all your support. Bow had taken some time off work to concentrate on her exams. But made contact with us to say that she has some time to support the business, when we needed her.

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager

Wanted to say thank you.

Tanya Doe, Fairfield High School, Bristol .

Carol Bates, Service Delivery Manager, wrote to recognise Tanya as “someone who always supports the business, she does not drive and walks everywhere, and will always go the extra mile for the client"

Thanks Tanya

Dione Murry, Blackhorse Primary School, Bristol

We received a wonderful, thank you email from our client:

“Subject: My lovely clean room! "I just wanted to draw your attention to something rather wonderful that happens after I have been using my Counselling room all day. As you know the children and I love to use glitter and glue, sand, and paint in our therapy sessions and although I have a quick tidy up afterwards the room (especially the carpet) always looks well used and in need of a good clean. And that is exactly what it gets!!

Each morning I enter the room the carpet is pristine again, sand swept up and toys carefully put back on the table, the room is transformed again, and looks clean and welcoming.

I don't know who cleans the room, but could you please pass on a huge thank you from me, I really do appreciate it and their hard work does not go unnoticed."

Well, we do…. thanks, Dione, for a great job, looks like it’s not just us that appreciates you.

Thanks to Jason, for contacting us and giving us an update of a job well done!

"First Name: Jason Last Name: Norah Email: "I like working for Glen because...?":

I get to show that I have the cleaning experience to do a professional job maintaining a fresh and safe environment. I also display my A frames to warn customers that I am cleaning around. I always pay attention to each cleaning product I use and not to mix with any other cleaning materials. I always follow the color-coded materials. I also take photos of before and after cleans. This proves that I have done the cleaning. When I do the hoovering of carpets, I put a scent in my hoover filter. So, every time I hoover an office or corridor it leaves that lovely smell behind . I always pay attention to detail and do a professional job cleaning. I have over 45 years cleaning experience."

Thanks Jason!


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