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Congratulations to Andy Burge on 21 Years of Service!

This fresh-faced young man is Andy Burge, Regional Manager West Country and the midlands who this month celebrates 21 years of service with Glen.

"Andy has always been supportive and a voice of reason. a good listener even when we have our off days and can always put a positive aspect on diverse situations always upbeat and has the patience of a saint lol.

A great boss we all enjoy working with him and going forward in the future.

Wishing him all the best and congratulations on 21 years of service.”

From the Gang.

Thinking about Lorraine and Andy’s long service made us reflect on all the other people who have worked for Glen for a long time and how proud we are to retain our staff.

1202 (72%)of all our employees have over a year of service

342 people have over 5 years

64 people have over 10 years

13 people have 20 years or more with Glen.


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