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Educational Cleaning

Here at RCB Cleaning & Support Services we provide school cleaning across the whole country, expanding day by day. Providing cleaning services in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Cleaning educational sites calls for a high degree of trust and we take the time to verify and approve our cleaners for your protection.

Our contract managers will design customised cleaning rotas for all areas and all consumables will be replenished when required.

RCB’s contract management team will design bespoke cleaning schedules to maximise efficiency and performance of the team on site. This provides our clients with value for money and allows RCB to achieve the highest cleanliness standards possible.

Our aim is to work smarter and not harder by continuous routine performance management, site auditing and product innovation.

School Kids

Washroom Cleaning

Children aren’t always the cleanest bunch, especially while using the washroom.

With our specialist washroom deep cleaning service, we cover all areas of the washroom, from urinals, toilet and sink pipework, to walls and floor grouting are thoroughly cleaned.


Not only does this ensure that mould and mildew are removed, reducing infection risk, but ingrained stains and malodor are also targeted for a more pleasant washroom environment.

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Classroom Cleaning

A newly cleaned classroom can become dirty and disorganised in no time. Classrooms need to be cleaned on a daily basis, since most classroom environments are full of lively students involved in a variety of activities.


RCB understand and know the reasons why it is so vital for teachers to keep their classrooms clean and how a commercial cleaning service like us can help.

RCB’s efficient commercial cleaning service can help to reduce the amount of germs that reside in a classroom environment. By reducing the germs in a classroom, fewer students will become ill and have to miss valuable school time.

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Floor Cleaning

Using our floor and carpet cleaning service RCB can tackle those areas that are in need of a thorough detailed clean to both revitalise and refresh, giving you visible benefits.


Whilst a daily cleaning service helps to keep your floors clean, more detailed regular specific cleaning will bring your floors and carpets back to life, maintaining the life of any floor surface.

RCB offer a cleaning and maintenance service for all floor types providing specific treatments for individual flooring. They include using scrubber dryers, steam cleaning  buffing machines and carpet cleaning.

Cleaning the Floor


RCB within Glen Group are very proud to have achieved these accreditations

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