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'What Do You Think?' Winner!

Thank you to those of you who got Involved and took part in last month's 

'WHAT DO YOU THINK?' Questions.

The winner is:

M Cope from

King Charles I School


Feedback from the responses:

Do you feel like we represent all sites, large and small?

82% of you said you did feel we represent all sites equally - scoring a 3 or above

While 18% rated a 2 or less.

What we should do differently?

Here are some of the responses:

  • Make sure site managers answer text messages when they need answering and getting cleaning items delivered on time (*this came up multiple times)

  • Give supervisor more access online

  • Mention all activities which work under the Glen Group , like grounds

  • More acknowledgement on good things rather than just fault from Managers

Some of the comments related to specific site operational issues and we have not featured them here but will follow up.


Would you like a long service award re-introduced?

99% of people said they would like a Long Service award to be introduced

64% said cash bonus after 5 and 10 years 

28% voted for extra days holiday 

8% asked for a gift or voucher 


Other suggestions:

"Something non-taxable"

"Could you buy me a new hip?"

"Recognition after 2 years"

So, we will introduce a long service award from 1st April 2024

Details will be published in April’s news@Glen and on our Glen App.



Do you Like Glen Aware Training Videos ?

89% said YES 

5%   said  NO 

6%   did not answer

What should we do Differently? 

• Not everyone has access to training videos

• Training should be done on each site to fully comply with health and safety

• Translation should be offered to non-English speaking employees to fully

We will continue to develop our training videos and look at how these could be translated.    


Thanks for your comments on what is important to you in a Flexible Working Policy.

We will make sure your comments are included in the policy as best we can:

• It works well around my home life 

• Hours to suit where possible 

• Whatever your circumstances, unexpected things can crop up

• General working hours and availability to cover other sites 

• Flexible working requests should be honoured for those who can't make normal sign on times but could still make it to work a bit later - this will ensure that work can still be undertaken that day despite interruption from say a doctor's appointment for example.  That way, we avoid a staff shortage and in addition, workers can still work and not lose a day's pay.

• Flexible working is great as long as job is completed with time off during 

• I think you should have a flexi holiday bonus for 0 hours

• Giving working parents support when we need it

• As a key holder work when  you can, not necessarily specific times 

• I cannot see flexible working on small sites as the time of work hours cannot be changed for us with fixed contract hours.

• To have that option if it arises


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