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October Innovation News

Last month we shared with you, some of the advantages of Robotics in delivering cleaning services, which can support cost savings, consistency and of course in some cases labour availability and productivity.

Automated machines have come a long way since the first models - becoming smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly and they can also remain operational without intervention for longer periods and be more cost-effective, which maximises the return on investment.

Glen adopts a positive approach to new technologies because they open up many possibilities and our Commercial Director Rob Kennedy, has been fundamental in developing our strategy.

Every month we will share with you in our Innovation Suite, new products or equipment coming to market to keep your service ahead of the curve.

“Instead of a person sitting on a scrubber dryer for hours they could be carrying out other tasks, taking part in training, creating a multi-skilled team that will add long term value as this technology will help us to understand how we can better prioritise and organise our teams.”


This month’s showcase is the ABBEE Hive a robotic vacuum cleaning solution.

Hive 10, holds 10 Abbee robotic vacuum cleaners for charging, storing and easy transportation around the rooms in which they are required. The Hive only requires one plug socket for charging and all 10 Abbees will be fully recharged within 5 hours.

The Abbee cleans up to 1,300 square feet over a 90-minute shift. It has a rotary brush for deep cleaning carpets and side brushes for cleaning the corners and edges. With a low noise output, it is perfect for operations and is also capable of mopping hard surfaces. On average an Abbee uses 37% less electricity to clean the same area as a tub vacuum.

The Hive Cleaning Solution is the ONLY commercial robotic vacuum cleaning system in the UK. 25% of a cleaner’s time can be saved by automating vacuuming.

Please contact for more information.


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