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November 2023 Local Heroes

Local Hero is a celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond.

Each of the nominated local heroes receive a £50 token of our appreciation as a thank-you for everything they do.

Karen and Christina Barber

Jackie Barrell wrote:

“I would like to nominate these 2 amazing ladies, Karen and Christina Barber ( mum and daughter) from St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Plymouth, both ladies do an absolutely amazing job at keeping the school clean for staff and children.”

Paul Fowler Regional Director added:

“It’s never easy moving across from one service provider to another, but I can honestly say Karen and Christina have both been fully supportive and reliable. I would like to thank them both personally for their continued great work ethic and great standards of work. We at Glen appreciate you both.”


Gregory Stoneman & Katrine Graham | Sacred Heart Catholic Primary Paignton

Jackie is working with a great team, she also wanted to say thank you Gregory Stoneman and Katrine Graham From Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Paignton.

“These 2 guys Have gone above and beyond to keep the school clean, never taking time off and always smiling. Thank you so much for your hard work and reliability”


Joshua Adams | Gillingstool Primary

Joanna Kwiatkowska received some great feedback for Joshua Adams from the Teachers at Gillingstool Primary about his cleaning and how he’s always going that extra mile, well done Josh.


Conor Bosley

Laura Burns has a super hero in her patch

“Conor is my site supervisor at County Hall which is a large contract to handle and is in itself, a constant juggle with changes and staff resources. He is an amazing resource to not only me but to Glen as a whole. He takes on far more than is expected of him, helping with cover for other sites and deep cleans as necessary, he always puts the company first. If I could clone him, I would! Thank you so much for all you do Conor, you are my local super hero!”


Nayara Rocha Teixeira De Paulo | Stone & Woodford School

Joanna Kwiatkowska said:

“Nayara, from Stone and Woodford school, we have had some great feedback from client saying school looks clean and lovely.”


Mark Stringer-Abbotts | Staffordshire Place (Entrust Contract)

Richard Bateman wrote:

“I would like to nominate Mark Stringer-Abbotts, from Staffordshire Place (Entrust Contract).

The group manager for Marks area has been on holiday for 2 weeks and Mark has stepped up in their absence. Mark has been brilliant whilst covering and his communication between myself and the customer has been top notch! I have been to the site to complete an audit, and I was approached by the customer, who proceeded to compliment Mark, on what an amazing job he has done and continues to do.“


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