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Social value and responsibility June

The National TOMs Framework started as a solution for the Social Value Act, and has evolved into a social value measurement standard across the UK.

It supports organisations using a toolkit, to measure the value delivered and quantify the wider value created for society.The Guidance has been updated for 2002. The National TOMs 2022 provides a core list of 40 recommended measures that and has also identified a ‘Light’ set of 18 measures which is expected to make the framework easier.

Taking the latest ONS data into account please click below if you wish to read the report.

The themes below remain unchanged and at Glen and are a focus of our Social Value Responsibility Group within our Road map.

• Promoting Skills and Employment within the community

• Supporting the Growth of Responsible Regional Businesses

• Creating Healthier, Safer and More Resilient Communities

• Protecting and Improving our Environment

• Promoting Social Innovation

Glen Group aims to demonstrate that our business takes an interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact our profit margins, and we hope to attract clients and employees who share our values.

We are working to create social value, in our operations every day and to add a positive presence in the communities in which we live and work, while creating a sustainable business.


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