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'Cleaning Cupboard of the Year' Contest

"As we strive to bring you engaging and relevant content in each edition of News@Glen, we are thrilled to introduce a new segment that celebrates your commitment to cleanliness and your organisational skills and compliance.

I am introducing the "Compliance Cleaning Cupboard of the Year" contest!

With monthly prizes of £25 and the opportunity to be entered into the annual prize.

We invite everyone to participate by showcasing the impeccable standards of your cleaning cupboards.

Share with us the pride you take in maintaining your machines, storing supplies, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. We're eager to see your blue folders neatly arranged with COSHH data and witness your outstanding housekeeping practices.

Send us your perfect cleaning cupboard photos to

Don't forget to include a brief description highlighting your best practices and any unique features that set your cleaning cupboard apart.

We can't wait to receive your entries and showcase the incredible efforts you put into maintaining a clean, organised, and compliant workspace. Thank you for being a part of the Glen News family, and best of luck to all participants!"


Paul Fowler


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