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August 2023 Local Heroes

Local Hero is a celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond.

Each of the nominated local heroes receive a £50 token of our appreciation as a thank-you for everything they do.

Lucy Oliver Harding

Robert Kennedy wrote:

“Lucy has worked on the mobilisation of the Entrust contract, by providing detailed administrative support working with the team to upload transferring employee information.

Working additional hours to ensure that the deadline is achieved, Lucy has fitted in with the rest of the team really well...

This is all whilst managing the vital CRM for the BD team and liaising with other Glen departments to produce BD financial and performance reports.

Lucy has received fantastic feedback from new Glen employees she has contacted, who have commented on her professional, happy and welcoming approach.”


Michelle Moran

“Michelle joined Glen Group from global corporate business Johnson Controls and has been developing the prestigious CBRE account.

In addition to meeting new prospects and travelling to various CBRE client sites, Michelle has also supported the Entrust mobilisation by carrying out consultations.

She has received positive comments form several of the people she has met and consulted with. Michelle is always positive, engaging and happy in her work, and many of the Glen existing Glen team have commented on her brilliant attitude to everything she does”


Gail Mahoney

An extra special local hero this month, Gail has been working for the company for 40 years, we invited Gail into the Bristol Head Office where Nina presented her with some flowers and a voucher “Thank you Gail for all your hard work and we hope that you choose to stay with us for a long time to come”


Sharon Koster

Kim Stevens wrote:

“Even though Sharon is a little camera shy she has remained a pivotal member of the team at King Charles I School throughout many of the management changes within Glen, Sharon’s work ethic, commitment and reliability has maintained Glens good relationship with the trust”


Erik Ferenc and Wilfredo Bernabe

Laura Barrow received some great feedback from the client about Erik Ferenc and Wilfredo Bernabe, both supported a client with their Pride celebration which was held off site in a town centre location.

The client recognised the efforts of the team and commented that they went above and beyond to ensure the event went well and engaged with the clients’ team and public to ensure things went smoothly.


Tessa Hollinshead and Sharon Hollinshead

Laura Barrow wrote:

“Tessa Hollinshead and Sharon Hollinshead work at a prestigious aerospace composite manufacturer and reacted with rapid response and diligence when the facility was struck by a flood due to recent extreme weather conditions. The flood water was held at bay whilst areas were cleared and the team stayed on after their shift ended to ensure that the client could resume their operations safely as soon as possible.It helped with having the cleaning equipment and materials on site due to the nature of the clients’ environment. Tessa and Sharon have worked at this site for a number of years and continue to be highly respected and valued by the team at RCB and the client.

Thank you ladies”


Salim Alkharous

“High praise indeed for Salim, he is very punctual and always happy to go the extra mile at the drop of a hat.

Salim is very polite and always smiling. His cleaning standards are very high, he is a great role model to other cleaners on site.

Salim has also been recognized by DHL and TJX E- Comm Rugby for his high standards and professionalism and respectively they have given him internal recognition rewards. Well Done Salim”

Mike Brian.


Teresa Penny and her team at Burges Salmon

Mike Willet - our client at Burges Salmon wrote:

"Teresa has been an extremely valued member of the Burges Salmon team for many years. I say team because whilst Teresa technically a doesn’t work directly for us, I and many others consider her an integral part of what we do here. Teresa is a brilliant people manager and is tremendously respected by her team.

Every year at the company’s AGM, Burges Salmon present awards to those who have consistently gone above and beyond. This is called the ‘OSCA’ (Outstanding Service for Clients’ Award). There are over 1000 people who are employed at the firm so to be nominated is great recognition. The Glen Cleaning team and specifically Teresa managed to win the award for all their efforts throughout the pandemic which ensured we could remain safe whilst working in our office.

This really is a high honour and one I hope Teresa can feel proud of. Teresa has continued to be a huge asset to ensuring our high standards are met and I know she has had to put a lot of extra hours in order to do this. All of her effort is greatly appreciated and I would like to endorse Teresa’s nomination for the Local Hero award."


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