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Taking Action to Improve our Environmental Impacts

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Glen Cleaning Co Ltd, of Bristol, have been awarded Silver membership of The Green Organisation, one of the world's leading environment groups.

Membership is restricted to companies, councils and communities that can demonstrate the effective measures they have introduced for environmental benefit.

Ross Barnes of Glen Cleaning Co Ltd, said: "We are delighted to have measured up to the demanding criteria of The Green Organisation as we are committed to trying to do as much as possible for the environment."

A spokesman for The Green Organisation, commented: "Glen Cleaning Co Ltd practice what they preach about environmental concerns and they are actively adopting measures that will continue to improve their environmental performance for generations to come.

"They will be able to use our distinctive Green Apple logo on their literature, stationery and livery to identify themselves as a company that is trying to protect and enhance the environment. They will also have access to our reference library, receive our Eco Echo publication and be able to network with other companies that are doing their best for the environment."

As members of The Green Organisation, they will be helping the independent and non-profit group to continue their own environmental initiatives, including the publication of The Green Book - the annual environmental best practice Work of Reference. The Green Organisation organised successful appeals for tsunami orphans, Pakistan earthquake victims and it has also supplied tonnes of recycled goods, clothing and kit for emerging nations.

The spokesman explained: "The Green Organisation is non-political and non-activist, dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting the positive aspects of environmental endeavour around the world.

"As part of this ongoing work, we organise the annual international Green Apple Environment Awards for countries, companies, councils and communities. By publicising their efforts and successes, it encourages others to follow their good examples and realise the commercial and financial benefits that come from adopting environmentally-friendly practices."


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