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Glen Group Supports Olympic Future Stars

October 2020

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Since its formation in 1818, Leander Club is recognised the world over for its extraordinary achievements in the Sport of Rowing, having won more Olympic and World Championship gold medals than any other club, and home to rowing heroes and to the champions of tomorrow.


Protecting their athletes is therefore vitally important during the current pandemic and allowing their athletes to continue their training is key to maintaining their fitness levels and competitive edge.


Leander Club therefore turned to Glen Cleaning to help support them in creating a clean and safe training environment. The Zoono® product used is a unique anti-microbial surface sanitiser and residual protectant that has been independently tested to be 99.99% effective against known pathogens.















Glens ‘Zoono® Fogging’ treatment involves spraying clean dry surfaces with a fine mist of product which then dries in situ and provides a mechanical, rather than chemical, protection against pathogens for extended periods of time. The product is water based yet cannot be cleaned off even with abrasive chlorine-based cleaners thus providing lasting protection and peace of mind.


Matt Beechey, Leander Clubs High Performance Coach stated “Glen Cleaning have been flexible and extremely diligent in working with us to help keep out athletes safe. The Zoono® product not only provides antimicrobial surface protection, but it continues to kill microorganisms for longer periods of time. As a coaching team, this means that our athletes can continue to train with less downtime for sanitisation cleaning. As Tokyo 2021 fast approaches, every session counts and Glens support is helping us to keep our athletes on track”.


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Leander Club Fogging
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