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We would like your opinion

At Glen we always try to provide benefits that actually help and work for you.

Over the last few months, we have talked about the introduction of Wagestream which offers a range of charity-backed financial wellbeing tools built around pay, our aim is to support and support you in building better financial health.

Wagestream offers, financial budgeting and coaching support, together with the ability to draw down up to 40% of your wages after you have worked the shift during the month for a flat fee of £1.75, per transaction, with no interest charged.

This means that if you have an unexpected expense, you will be able to draw down part of your earned wages.

This service has a financial cost to Glen and we have spent some time discussing if this would be a real benefit to you.

There are alternatives, which might help you more, such as having a weekly pay and making more use of our Helping Hands Programme.

We want to get your opinion on this and over the next couple of weeks, we have asked your manager to listen to your views on what would be more beneficial to you.

The questions we would like your opinion on are...


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