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October Local Heroes

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values!

Julie Derham, & Tracey Hawkins

The Rosary Catholic Primary School in Stroud

Karen Dodsworth, Service Delivery Manager passed on a great big thank you, as the site received 100% from the GCC Monitoring audits.


Angela Wood | Thrupp Primary School, Stroud

Also, received 100% from the GCC Monitoring audits. Well done and thank you for all your hard work Angela!


Beata Chodacka | West Berkshire Heritage

Adam Elliott, Visitor Services Officer gave us some lovely feedback:

“The next time you speak to any of Beata’s supervisors, please tell them that she is going above and

beyond. The longer she is here the more proactive she seems to become – for example, yesterday she asked for the keys to F5 and washed down all the bins in the room before putting them out in the rooms. Thanks“ Well done Beata, we really appreciate everything you do!


Rachel and Hannah Tovey

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager: "Bristol, is a hard to recruit area and Hannah and Rachel both did extra hours every day to complete an entire school on their own. What would I do without them! They are amazing!"


Tracey Hasell | Sea Mills Primary School, Bristol

Bruce Dunn Operations Manager:

“Thank you for all the extra hours and effort to make sure the school is clean and presentable for the next day and thank you for all your support in helping our new colleagues”


Krystal Gliddon | Our Lady’s of Angels School, Torquay

Paul Fowler, Regional Manager wrote after a recent visit to the site: “This is a mother and daughter site both working together with Krystal taking the lead. I have never seen such a well organised cleaning cupboard; all policies and procedures are in place and the standards of the School are 2nd to none. I really appreciate all you do on behalf of the school”



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