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November Local Heroes

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values!

Linda Medcroft | Fairfield High School, Bristol

Our client at the school wrote:

“I just wanted to message to say how fantastic Linda is.

Nothing is ever too much trouble, and she does a brilliant job every day. We really appreciate all her hard work and efforts in art!”


Josh Lawson, Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester

Claire Scott, Service Delivery Manager said:

“Please can you recognise Josh as a local hero. Not only does Josh support his own site, but he has also worked at sites all over the Dorset area, I would like Josh to know that he is valued and appreciated.“


The Team at Burges Salmon , Bristol

Members of our team at Burges Salmon joined our client and forces with Easton CE Academy in Bristol, volunteering to transform the school with a series of DIY projects.

Approximately 100 individuals from spent over four days at the school. The volunteers worked with members of the school to transform a classroom into a wellbeing and calm room, improve two garden areas and provide new furniture for the staff room.

David Kooyman, Assistant Headteacher at Easton CE Academy, commented:

“It was great to see the team in action yesterday- just like DIY SOS! I can't thank you enough as the end products are amazing. We have had lots of very happy children using the space today.”


A local hero, whose Gran works for us

Laura Burns, Service Delivery Manager’s wrote:

“My 6 year old granddaughter recently lost her Nanny and bless her has taken it upon herself to raise some money for St Peters Hospice in Bristol. All her own idea; was firstly a cake sale at school and then (how she thought of it no one knows) has decided to have her long (beautiful) hair cut short to donate for a wig!! – Never too young to care


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