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Merry Christmas from Glen

As we near the end of 2023, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that's worked with us over the past year.

On behalf of everyone at News@Glen, you are greatly appreciated and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and the very best to you and yours in 2024.

Dave Seaton | Chairman

As the holiday season and end of the year fast approaches, I’d like first and foremost to thank the incredible efforts of our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide safe, and clean environments for our clients and their staff to work in.

2023 has not been the easiest of years and has been all the tougher due to the ever-increasing cost of living challenges that are felt hardest by those working part time hours on modest wages. Hopefully 2024 should see a reduction in the rate of inflation and allow everyone’s wages to go a little further.

 I’d also like to thank all our clients for their continued confidence in our services and for their understanding of the personal pressures that many of our individual staff are under during these challenging economic times. We will continue to deliver the most consistent quality service we can and work with you to meet any challenges your organisation may encounter in the spirit of true partnership. 

 Despite the economic challenges of the year, we have been able to achieve some revenue growth and slightly improve on last year’s profitability albeit that our profit margins are consistently under pressure.  

 2024 is set to be a very exciting year for the business with many new business development opportunities being pursued and a reinvigorated focus on building up the commercial client side of the business while ensuring all of our public sector clients receive excellent service. Ideally, we’d like to achieve a near 50:50 split between the different business sectors which will help protect the business from any future recessions or economic pressures. 

 I sincerely hope that you can all spend time with your families and get to enjoy at least some time off to recharge your batteries before 2024 kicks off in earnest.

Ross Barnes | Group Managing Director

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each of our clients for their business during 2023 and the continuation of this in 2024. 

Client retention is a key part of our business strategy and focusing on clients is a part of my role, as Group Managing Director, which I relish. 

I spend a great deal of my working life listening to our clients and strategising on how I can prioritise client needs and improve their experience of Glen. 

The starting point has always been in developing a customer centric culture, where our great team at Glen have a sense of belonging in our Client's business and adopt a pride in what they do, delivering every day on the needs of our clients through training, communication, and feedback.   This approach allows us to identify market trends or changes which may be beneficial in the business. 

From our annual client satisfaction surveys,  some years ago, we recognised that our communication could be better and we now write a monthly newsletter, which around 35% of our client read every month and 76% of our employees also read consistently. 

Our aim to stay connected and provide information that identifies and  focuses on our client’s needs. Asking and listening to your opinion helps direct our strategy and priorities, which will hopefully improve our service and client satisfaction. 

Issue resolution and service recovery is an ongoing process, where with the team I analyse from the customers perspective , hopefully providing a personalised client service to resolve issues and avoid them recurring and build better relationships for the long term. 

We try hard at Glen to connect with all our clients at a personal level my intention for 2024 is to do everything we can to retain your business and to continue to improve  your level of satisfaction with Glen and our service.  Our client satisfaction surveys have confirmed, consistency of service delivery through good people as your priority for us and  we will continue on this focus in 2024.


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