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Workplace Wellbeing

We read a very interesting article from the University of Oxford, released on Workplace Wellbeing released in May '23

. They proposed a straightforward framework for understanding workplace wellbeing.

Measuring how people think about and feel at their work, based on the three primary elements of subjective wellbeing: evaluative wellbeing, affect at work, and purpose/meaning.

This definition is grounded in decades of research on subjective wellbeing and benefits from the extensive existing academic literature.

Workplace wellbeing is often either conflated with wage , however the research viewed it as an amalgamation of various positive attributes of job satisfaction – such as flexibility, belonging, support, satisfaction, working hours, stress, and fairness but also pay.

The emotional experience of every day work, with the support and friendship provide levels of life satisfaction that may shape human behaviour.

Purpose and meaning at work, where people feel, what they are doing every day is useful, meaningful and are proud of what they do and what they achieve.

This view of employee wellbeing is very important to us. This month in the employee news we focussed on taking care of employees as part of the Glen Family, with

  • Men’s Health Week and our Employee assistance programme and online Doctor facility.

  • Our Menopause Pledge and inviting our employees to help us put a policy together that meets their needs

  • Carer’s week, recognising that many of our team , chose the role they do because they are carers.


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