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What Do You Think?

With a focus on labour stability, and centring on a culture of “care”, which consistently resonates with our employee group,  we continue with our campaign in 2024 of Involvement, What Do You Think?

Employees are encouraged to tell us what's on their minds, we take a snapshot poll to gain further feedback and then introduce policies and procedures that are important to our team. Since the  launch we have introduced aService Policy,  Cleaning Cupboard of the year competition, amended our Flexible working policy  and developed our Menopause Pledge.

Last  Month Debra Shan of Moorhill Primary School, Cannock, in Staffordshire, messaged us about our uniforms.  We conducted a survey of our employees through News@Glen to gain feedback. 

The results of which were: Q1. 93%  would like more of a choice over the uniform range?

Q2. 82% said we  should have lighter fabric options such as cotton?

Q3. 78% Would you like to pick from a selection rather than be issued? 

Q4.  82% would you prefer to wear something of your own under the tabard, if we specified for example, it must be navy or a lighter colour?

Q5. 86% like the polo shirt options?

Kim Stevens, Business Improvement Director reviewed the comments and 59% of those who commented requested a lighter fabric option, not only for summer, but due to menopause or the workload. 

Our aim is therefore to select sites and trial some options of uniforms, including collarless shirts and t-shirts.  We have asked the employees to contact us should they wish to participate in a trial as the uniform strategy is developed. 


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