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Sustainability promise

As the Business Improvement Director for Glen Group, Kim Stevens has responsibility for the sustainable and environmental performance of the Business.

We are always seeking ways to be more socially and environmentally responsible, with green cleaning. Just look at the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket to see how far-reaching the green cleaning trend has become in recent years.

Our aim in green cleaning is to reduce our impact on the environment using all natural cleaning agents that don’t leave behind a chemical residue that can impact indoor air quality and health.

Here are just a few ways that Glen Group have adopted more sustainable cleaning practices

  1. Invested in technologies that cut down on cleaning time, use less energy, water, and chemicals to clean.

  2. Eliminating cleaning agents with harsh chemicals, to reduce environmental impact and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

  3. Use equipment that cuts back on noise pollution, which can impact the health of those around.

  4. Hybrid vehicle fleet, lowering admissions and improving air quality.

  5. Reduced packaging on all our green cleaning product range.

  6. We are also a proud member of the Green Organisation and planted 537 trees to date.

  7. Glen Group retains its current certification to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Standard.

  8. With the help of the Carbon Footprint organisation, Glen Group annually monitors its Carbon Footprint.

Finally, if any members of the Glen Group Family have any ideas to improve our environmental performance, please do not hesitate to contact Kim Stevens at


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