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RAAC Aware

Our understanding is that RAAC, Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, has been found in many school and other buildings in the UK, built from the 1950’s to mid-1990’s.

It has been found to be prone to sudden failure as it ages. More than 14,900 schools were built during the period when the use of RAAC was widespread in construction. The material was favoured in construction projects because of its lightweight, thermal properties. RAAC is a lightweight, bubbly form of concrete, it looks like standard concrete but is weaker, less durable and deteriorates over time.

The material is also prone to collapse when wet, which can happen if there are leaks in a building’s roof. Surveys to determine the presence and condition of the RAAC used in the buildings have been taking place since March last year.

We are not aware if RAAC has been used in any of the building where we work, as a full list has not been published, however we have requested that if any member of our team is aware of the situation in a building where they work, they should inform their manager to allow us to complete a Risk Assessment, to ensure we undertake our duty of care.


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