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Modern Slavery update

Alan North, Group Compliance Director has updated our Modern Slavery training which we conduct annually.

Alan said:

“We are committed to operating the business with integrity and to the highest ethical standards. This commitment includes due regard for the need to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking by the Company or any person or supplier associated with Glen."

Our  Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy confirms that we recognise our obligations towards the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Glen achieves its objectives by:  

  • Ensuring our people understand modern slavery and human trafficking  

  • Ensuring a zero-tolerance approach to the prevention of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking through the general conduct of our business.  

  • Ensuring all management are aware of the requirements and the procedure in managing any breaches.  

  • Ensuring appropriate administration and audit to minimise the chance that this may occur.  

  • Conducting internal checks and audits  

  • Conducting a proportionate amount of due diligence in relation to other relevant third parties, such as business partners; and  

  • Insisting that clients, business partners, subcontractors, agents and other relevant third parties work to prevent this. 

If you spot signs of Modern Slavery, please report it.

Please take time to watch our new short training video, it's only 12 minutes long and will show you the signs to look out for. 


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