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March Local Heroes

Local Hero is a celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond.

Each of the nominated local hero’s receive a £50 token of our appreciation as a thank-you for everything they do.

Louise Postlethwaite is part of our Office Team and the Subject Matter Expect on Timegate and related systems.

Louise came to Glen initially to work on the Purchase Ledger and assist with Payroll before her skills with software and reporting made her a great fit for the new Time and Attendance Project.

During her free time, she volunteers with Girlguiding in a variety of roles, as a Rainbow and Brownie Leader, an event co-ordinator, and she recently took on the position of Division Commissioner for Bristol South, which covers Totter down and Knowle West.


Alison Harrison our supervisor in Gilingstool Primary School and New Siblands School, Thornbury

Thank you to Alison, who has had a difficult personal time recently.

We have had lovely comments about her and the job she does and just wanted to say thank you.


Jo Clegg | Service Delivery Manager

Jo has proved that the wellbeing of her staff is always in high in her priorities. A member of Jo’s team had not turned up for work, this was out of character for this colleague, so Jo concerned, contacted the next of kin and other relevant parties until she knew what had occurred, once she was in receipt of all the facts she was able to help get the issue sorted and support the gentleman.

Thanks Jo for taking care of the wellbeing of those on your team.


Tia Membury- Hawkins and Dylana Membury - Hawkins St Mary’s Dorchester

Claire Scott, SDM wrote:

“ Please can these lovely ladies be awarded the hero award. They have been amazing at their job and the school is super clean all the teachers and head teacher are extremely happy with their hard work and I want to thank them “ .


Danielle Wade | Blaise Primary School, Bristol

Bruce Dunn wrote:

“Danielle has always been happy to help cover when necessary and most importantly, she’s helped the school lock up when the school staff are unable to, which is a huge help to them. We now have a new member of staff that’s joined, Alicia, and Danielle has worked alongside her and helped train Alicia. This, again, is a massive help. Thanks for all you do Danielle, we appreciate you.“


Batulo Osman

Batulo has been amazing. She has helped cover staff absenteeism through a difficult time as well as find new staff to join the Glen family.

Thank you for everything you do, Batulo.


Friday 3rd March marks Employee Appreciation Day

A day dedicated to acknowledging the work of employees and valuing their effort and contribution. If you get a chance let a colleague know how much you appreciate them. For us, one of the most vital acts of appreciation is listening. Getting your feedback and understanding it, so that we can identify areas to improve and make things better.


Lucy Morrison, Waterside Swindon Council depot

Our Client at Swindon council wrote:

“Lucy has been doing a brilliant job in near impossible circumstances keeping the highways office clean and tidy – the office for the last week and a half has been open and in use 24 seven thanks to the constant cold weather and the operations teams in and out dealing with snow and ice.Our depot pavements and roads are constantly wet and with the refuse and HGV trucks pulling all kinds of dirt out of the tip when they leave the tipping area the roads are black with dirt that constantly gets tracked into the office. I personally would be at my whit’s end if I had to try to keep this area clean but Lucy always comes in with a happy smile and cracks on with things without a word of complaint – exactly the opposite most days really – she is always apologising for not being able to do more. Please feel free to pass on my compliments to her as I know she had some bad luck recently with one of her dogs which must have been upsetting and I think she could do with a bit of a lift. Lucy is doing an amazing job in the most difficult circumstances right now.”


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