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February 2024 Local Heroes

Local Hero is a celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond.

Each of the nominated local heroes receive a £50 token of our appreciation as a thank-you for everything they do.

Romeo Gouveia

Sam Edwards wants to say a big thank you to Romeo Gouveia for his wonderful kind gesture, Romeo helped a new colleague who had no transport and was walking back and forth to site by buying him a bike.

Lovely gesture Romeo, well done.


Hazel Buckless

Sam Edwards wanted to recognise the bravery of Hazel Buckless 

“Hazel got into what could have been a very dangerous situation on a site when a man had entered a building without permission, Hazel dealt with it very calmly and helped the police in their efforts to find this man who had also broken into MacDonald’s earlier that morning too.”

Well done Hazel you really are a local hero."


Jo Kwiatkowska

Linda Bayley was full of praise for Jo Kwiatkowska:

“Jo is very approachable, hard working, supportive and very efficient. She is an asset to your company and deserves a bonus”

Well done Jo it’s always nice to receive recognition from those we work with and thank you Linda for your kind words.


Debbie Ford

Maryann Worsfold wrote:

"Debbie consistently keeps me well-informed about employee matters, providing timely updates, scheduling meetings efficiently, and offering comprehensive support. Debbie, your efforts are truly appreciated."


Valentina Bozhkova

Great feedback from Tom Gooding at GXO Burton:

“We encountered an incident last night where the Gents WC flooded, causing significant disruption to our operations on site. I visited the site to investigate the underlying cause, and during my time there, Valentina proved to be extremely helpful and dedicated. She worked tirelessly to clear the water, enabling us to reopen the WC promptly at 7am this morning. I want to emphasise that Valentina is an invaluable asset to RCB, and her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated by everyone on our site. Could you please pass on this positive feedback to her so that she is aware of how much she is valued”


Margaret Jones, Janette Stevenson, Diane Durose, Rebecca Taylor,  Nicolette Johnson and Adam Jackson

Beth Davies left her site in good hands whilst on annual leave:

“Last Tuesday when I was on AL, it was chaos at Blythe Bridge High School with 5 people off sick. Cover was already on site and he mentioned that the team had worked exceptionally hard to get the whole school cleaned and they deserve some recognition. We do have ongoing absences at this school and these employees always go above and beyond to help when needed.”

Thank you Margaret Jones, Janette Stevenson, Diane Durose, Rebecca Taylor,  Nicolette Johnson and Adam Jackson.


Dawn Hanley

Debbie Ford said:

“Dawn consistently goes over and above what is required of her job role, she never says ‘no’ .. ‘just how can we do this’ .. despite unprecedented absences, Dawn has found herself covering my area single handedly at times, covering 4 sites per day. How she has done it I don’t know!! But, I wanted to ensure Dawn gets the credit she deserves, hence the nomination. Thank you, Dawn, for all your hard work and dedication. Your hard work and commitment don’t go unnoticed.”


Jo Kilgallon

Debbie Ford wrote:

“Despite a personal bereavement, Jo has come back into work to support the unprecedented absences in my area, supporting her colleague Dawn to support a school where we were close to losing due to no cleaning staff .. Jo has gone over and above to ensure the ‘job gets done’. The school is clean, and the client is happy!! Thank you, Jo for all your hard work/teamwork, not only supporting your colleague but, for supporting me, through these difficult times”


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