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December '22 Local Heroes

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values!

Saytun Jama, Fartun Osman, Safia Yassin | Ashley Down Schools Federation

Carol Bates, Service Delivery Manager - wanted to nominate these lovely ladies as Local heroes, for all they do to support the school.


Congratulations to the team at the Civic offices, Swindon Borough Council, who were finalists in the annual awards.

The photo below shows our team at the award night:

Sujatha Gunaji,

Maria Fernandes,

Cajetan Fernandes,

Joao Fernandes and Diane Walker


South Devon College

South Devon College Students left our team some notes...


South Devon College

Congratulations to the Team at South Devon College, who won professional Services team of the year 2022.


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