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May 2024 Local Heroes

Local Hero is a celebration and recognition of those who go above and beyond.

Each of the nominated local heroes receive a £50 token of our appreciation as a thank-you for everything they do.

Beata Chodacka | Shaw House

Sandra Raymond received the following praise from our client at Shaw house with reference to Beata,

Nik Stewart said:

“Beata is a key figure in our team here at shaw house, she works for Glen but is very much one of us! Beata ensures that our nesting rooms and public facilities are pristine and what you would expect in this 16 century grade 1 listed Manor House.

Beyond that though are the little touches, always willing to help a delegate who is lost in the maze of rooms, happy to help us clear the cafe if we have been particularly busy, always on the look out for the next job that needs to be done.. and the polish pastries she brings in….just outstanding,

GLEN is lucky to have Beata but we are luckier to have her here at shaw house.”


Julie Gittos | The De-Montfort School in Evesham

Sharon Kosters wrote:

“It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Julie over the last few months. We have a weekly meeting on site and she always greets me with a smile. Julie’s work ethic, commitment and reliability is a credit to Glen Group and The De-Montfort School in Evesham where she works as a supervisor. Well done Julie, Your efforts are very much appreciated.”


Annette Pickin and Lucy Purdy

Jackie Barrell writes:

“These 2 ladies are amazing , they are both a breath of fresh air to st Margaret clitherow catholic school Brixham and are loved by the school staff

The school has said they are very much a part of our family.”


Sam Andrews

Paul Fowler writes:

“It is with great pleasure that I nominate Sam Andrews for the Recognition Award this month. Since joining Glen Group, Sam has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication, initiative, and insight that has significantly contributed to our collective success. From the outset, Sam has taken on various tasks with enthusiasm and determination, consistently ensuring that they are completed to the highest standard. However, what truly sets Sam apart is her ability to not only fulfil her assigned responsibilities but also to identify areas for improvement within our processes.

Sam's keen observation and analytical skills have led to the identification of several inefficiencies in our existing procedures. Rather than simply pointing out these shortcomings, Sam has taken proactive steps to suggest practical and effective solutions. Sam’s recommendations have been both insightful and actionable, leading to tangible improvements in our workflows.

Furthermore, Sam's collaborative approach and willingness to support our management team have been invaluable. They consistently offer assistance, share knowledge, and provide guidance whenever needed, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the success of our team and the broader business.

In recognition of Sam's outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication, it is only fitting that she receive this well-deserved award. Sam’s efforts have not only improved our operational efficiency but have also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration within our organisation.

Thank you, Sam, for your exceptional work ethic, your insightful contributions, and your unwavering support. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are incredibly grateful for all that you do.”


Adolophina Batoma, Susan Temlett & Jasmine Gore

Another well done to these ladies on their 2 Year Service Award.


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