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Grounds Maintenance

Making a good first impression is paramount to any sector, and showcasing a professional, well-kept premises is the best way to contribute to the overall appearance and safety of a building.

Benefits of Grounds maintenance

  • Prevents slips and trips, reducing risk of potential injury

  • Boosts employee wellbeing and morale

  • Enhances visitor experience and business’ identity

  • Improves ecological diversity of the area

  • Reduces carbon footprint

What is Grounds Maintenance?

Grounds Maintenance is a wide variety of tasks involved in the care and maintenance of gardens or external spaces. From pruning and grass cutting to gritting and weed control, grounds maintenance is an essential step to take in caring for premises.

Grounds Maintenance teams make the most of outside spaces, whether it’s hedge cutting, pothole repair, or weed control the teams work year-round conducting regular tasks, whether its lawn or hedge cutting, litter picking or carpark clearing or seasonal tasks, like gritting and snow clearing, planting or tree surgery.

Grounds Maintenance in Autumn

Autumn time is when leaves start to fall, and as such, leaf blowing and clearance becomes an important maintenance task. This, coupled with pre-winter checks such as weather proofing, road, and surface repairs, as well as planting out bulbs and cutting plants back ready for winter.

Grounds Maintenance in Winter

During winter season, it’s important to prepare for gritting and snow clearing.

Grounds Maintenance in Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and in grounds maintenance, it’s exactly the same. The season starts off with the continuation of winter gritting, and weed control and grass cutting begins. Grounds Maintenance in Summer

During summer, a lot of ongoing work will need to be carried out on grounds. Pruning, grass cutting, and hedge maintenance all take a precedence in summer months, as this is when most of the growing happens. It’s also a chance to plant any seeds, and assess the health of any plants. Glen hopes to build our portfolio of Grounds Contracts.


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