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Glen at The Cleaning Show 2023

The cleaning show was at the ExCeL in London, ran from 14-16 March 2023 and Ross Barnes and Rob Kennedy attended from Glen.

Our aim was to view first hand the very latest advancements in cleaning technologies and gain insight into the learnings and development for the cleaning and hygiene sector, which together with the waste industry is one of the biggest sectors in the UK, worth nearly £59 billion and employing 1.47 million people.

Over the past two years, the cleaning industry has been thrown into the spotlight, and we are proud of the professionalism of our frontline team , who demonstrated best practice in cleaning processes.

We recognise that our Clients have an appreciation of the industry’s role in keeping people and places safe and the continued importance of enhanced cleaning regimes. We also fully recognise that cost is a major factor, so the Cleaning Show, organised by the British Cleaning Council allowed us to review the exhibits of more than 100 European cleaning suppliers, to identify what products could work best in our business, be more innovative, sustainable and cost effective.

Cobotics and the evolution of robotic technology to support the cleaning process and tackle the ongoing resources challenge was a major focus alongside healthy buildings, where the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled dynamic resource applications to transform operations.

Creating the Future of Cleaning is a focus for the Glen Team.

  • More demand, more competition In terms of demand for commercial cleaning, the trend is a steady increase. All stats show that hybrid, flexible working is on the increase, but there is still a high demand for commercial space and professional cleaning services to clean them.

  • There are an increasing number of cleaning companies being set up in Company’s House. More companies mean increased competition, which may drive price down, short term, but is ultimately unsustainable as labour remains a major factor and cost even with the introduction of robotics.

  • Deep cleaning demand has dropped, as companies drift back into “normal” working patterns.

  • Technology should be used strategically in the future to help businesses controls and potentially costs. Robot vacuums are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These devices are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, such as cleaning floors, stairs, and carpets. They also have sensors that allow them to detect objects and obstacles. We saw the development at the Show, from those we have tested this year in the business. Co biotics is the future.


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