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August Local Heroes

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values!

Farhiyo Ali, Sarah El Elmi, Hawo Gaal at Horfield Church of England Primary School in Bristol

Carol Bates. Service Delivery Manager would like to thank the ladies for their reliability, flexibility, and good humour.Carol added, “Sarah is our supervisor, who is great at motivating the team and always gets the job done, so thank you ladies”

Thank you ladies we appreciate all your support.

Anne Jasper, Credit Controller in Bristol

Congratulations to Anne for her 25 years’ service with Glen.

Starting in 1997, in the year, there was a landslide general election victory for the Labour Party under Tony Blair; the transfer of Hong Kong, the largest remaining British colony, to China; and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales .

Anne has grown up with us, through life’s ups and downs and we are very grateful that to have her. Cheers Anne !

Marcia Moffat who works for us at Arup in Bristol

Gary Fogg, Service Delivery Manager said:

“Marcia has been an extremely valued member of team for some time now and is always happy to help and support.

Thank you for all your help”

Julie Coleman who also works for us at Arup in Bristol

Gary Fogg said: “ Julie is an exceptional support to me and Glen at her site Arup in Bristol where she delivers outstanding customer service on a daily basis. Thanks again Julie”


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