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Unprecedented market conditions - force price increases

Over the past few months, we have seen an unprecedented level of price increases from many of our suppliers, most notably in the paper industry.

With significant increases in raw material costs, energy, transportation, and underlying inflation, we cannot currently see this stopping anytime soon and we have had a second double digit price increase so far this year from many of our paper suppliers.

We have commenced reviewing our portfolio and may suggest other products for you to use and we hope that you will be amenable to changes suggested as manufacturers impose these increases.

As, the price of paper washroom consumables is likely to see a spike over the next few months as prices rise for everyone, but we’d urge you to resist the temptation of switching to hand dryers, as a cheaper alternative. Quite simply because, the cost of running hand dryers is already over 650% of the price per user in comparison to using paper hand towels, where that figure is likely to increase further with the current energy cost climate.

Our advice is to introduce more efficient dispensing systems where possible and consider the alternative products if we suggest these to you.


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