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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

We are delighted to have a lovely message on Have Your Say from Krysal:

“I transferred from another company and just to say thank you for having me as one of your team who takes pride in what I do, I’m enjoying working for Glen as they do recognise you , if your passionate in cleaning looking after the clients too and having respect for both company and clients makes you want to continue with the dedication, the cleaning equipment and supplies fabulous to work with.

I’m a education cleaner who takes pride in what I do I am very organised and make sure every part of cleaning duties are up to the rights standards , Glen group is wonderful to work for” Anthony Thomas wrote and said:

“I like working for Glen because they are a compassionate company and they are thoughtful and help those who need it. They are also patient to those with disabilities.”

Thanks Anthony, that is so important to us that you feel that.


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