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ClientShare Integration

We at Glen are deeply invested in client satisfaction and operational excellence. This proves more difficult as our business is on multi-site, mainly without leadership and we very much rely on the engagement of our on site teams to deliver consistently. In the last 4 years we have invested in our one to one Client Advocacy Surveys, to listen and gain valuable insight from our clients, to use this feedback to drive our strategy.

We learned what our clients valued; consistency, reliability, flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness.

However, in this current market with frequent changing needs, we have recognised the value of adopting a more regular and formal review process.

Last year we introduced our Managers to Strategic Account Management Planning, with expectations that we could build a database of information to ensure that we understood your changing needs and could adapt, and retain your business.

The approach was not as successful or consistent across our portfolio as anticipated. While face-to-face meetings are crucial for relationship development, strategic focus requires more structured data and consistent themes.

We therefore looked for alternative solutions and would like to introduce you to Client Share.

Client share is a platform, designed to gain feedback on customer satisfaction, quality of operational excellence by adopting a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process through Clientpulse.

This allows us to gain your feedback on our service, providing alerts, so any issues will ping into senior leadership inbox and alert at the earliest chance which is invaluable and will drive data informed action and decisions.

We look forward to planning the QBR dates with you, for your feedback and we will explain more in next month’s Newsletter.


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