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Accreditations and Audit this month

Glen Group have many certifications, the most important are the three ISO (International Standards Organisation) certifications. These are certified by an accredited body and will be re-audited during September 23 by Alcumus.

ISO 9001-2015 deals with an organisation's Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO 14001-2015 is the Environmental Management System (EMS) and looks at a Company's Environmental Performance.

The third one is ISO 45001-2018 this Is the Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHS) This not only looks at Health and Safety, but also the health and welfare of employees, this includes, mental health, lone working, stress, noise, vibration, and many other work-related illnesses.

Our certifications have an extensions to scope, this means RCB, the Welsh Office, the SW Office and Bristol have all undergone a separate audit and hold individual certifications. The next audit will consist of 7 Days and will cover Cornwall, Bristol, and Staffordshire.

Other certifications include:

Safe Contractor - a certification which requires not only how safe Glen work but also modules that in Finance, Environment, Equality, Right To Work, Quality Management, Modern Slavery, Anti Bribery and GDPR. This certificate awarded by a third-party accredited company. This certificate is required by 99% of the companies we work with.

CHAS Advanced - Glen are awarded this certification after demonstrating compliance with the CHAS standards in line with the requirements of SSIP Core Criteria and UK H&S Legislation. The company has demonstrated full compliance with nine modules of PAS 91

The Green Organisation - has made a corporate commitment to improve its environmental performance. As members of The Green Organisation, we ·have agreed to abide by a Code of Green Conduct that will help us to run our business in a future-friendly way.

Beyond this pledge, we are also committed to improving our positive contribution to the environment by reducing waste, energy, emissions, and consumption of natural resources; re-using materials, products, services and supplies whenever practical and safe to do so; recycling paper, plastic, metals, and other commodities that have reached the end of their original usefulness.

Cyber Essentials -This shows that Glen complies with the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme and protects the way we run our IT management system and ours and other people data.

BICSc Membership - Glen is a corporate member and as such demonstrates active and material support of the institute in its aim to raise environmental standards through training and education.

Living Wage - Glen Group meets the standards set by Citizens UK and the Centre for Civil Society for good practice by providers of personnel under contract ('UK Living Wage Foundation Service Provider Recognition Programme Agreement"). Glen Group is listed on the Living Wage website as a Recognised Service Provider.

Carbon Footprint - Carbon offsetting funds solutions to reducing carbon emissions now. Frequently carbon offsetting reduces emissions much faster than you can as an individual/single company. Carbon offsetting projects help to combat global climate change as well as caring for local communities. In many instances providing much needed employment, health improvement, biodiversity, reforestation and broad social benefits to impoverished communities.


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