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Wellness with Glen

Our wellbeing activity recognises the physical effort of cleaning and we have developed with Perkbox our 'Look After Yourself & Be Kind' campaign and it's 4 focus areas: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Have a Laugh and Move More.

One in four people experiences sleep disturbances. We have shared with the team a series of sleep stories and guided meditation available free to all our employees.

We are launching a monthly “pulse survey” with our employees.The focus is to listen and get feedback on what individuals think as part of our retention strategy. Each employee who responds will be entered into a draw and one individual will receive £250 of Perkbox Vouchers to spend at their favourite food retailer.

We will use the feedback as part of our recruitment campaign. This month's question is.....

A study by Basel University found that the more people laughed during the day, the less they felt affected by stressful events, this is because, when you laugh, the brain releases the chemical serotonin, which improves your mood.

While we will never wish to underestimate the impact of dealing with anxiety or low mood, it is proven that this can be helped through yoga, guided meditation, mindful meditation, and breathing exercises to relax and ease the mind. We are encouraging the team to start a daily habit. Perkbox has 26 yoga or Pilates classes online for employees to try free when they want to do them. Also available are 35 meditation practices and 12 music tracks all designed to support employee Wellness.

None of us know for sure, what our health will look like in the future. But we can say with a good degree of certainty, that if you think about your lifestyle habits today they can have a big effect on how well you live in the future. We are encouraging the team to get moving and try out some of the online classes.

There are 20 different workouts available online, with something to suit everyone.


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