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A message from Ross Barnes, Managing Director

In 2024 our focus will be to develop further eco-friendly products and sustainable practices, bringing you technological innovations and focus on diversity and inclusion within the Glen Group workforce.

We aim to create opportunities for cleaner spaces and a more efficient offer for our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

Contributing to a greener future and prioritising sustainability to support you. While smart cleaning solutions and advanced equipment such as robotic cleaners can automate tasks, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall hygiene standards.

We are further developing our Glen Aware Video Training and have successfully introduced to a number of clients 'I-Protect', to audit and monitor our processes.  Should the trial be successful, we will roll this out to the wider business. We are also developing a series of client based videos, to explain our processes in Safeguarding and Modern Slavery.

Diversity and inclusion helps foster an inclusive work environment within Glen Group. Embracing individuals from different backgrounds and age profiles cultivates fresh perspectives, promotes innovation, and employee satisfaction levels . Which is proven to provide retention and better customer service experiences. Check out our WDYT? page for more information.


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